PLASMA Stencils
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PLASMA Stencils


Added value
❚ Improved contour stability     ❚ Greater paste volumes     ❚ Reduced cleaning

Short Description: The PLASMA stencil® opens up new savings potentials in electronics manufacture and increases the economic efficiency of the printing process. Small strucutures, such as fine-pitch openings, 0201, 01005, 03015 (metric) and μBGA, are released significantly better. As a result of the improved release, less residues of the printing medium remain in the stencil openings. Drying of paste residues is reduced and start-up behaviour after short line stops is therefore improved.  This results in less rework and fewer rejects. Manufacturing time and costs are also reduced.

When evaluating the condition of the stencil based on the de- viation of the transferred paste volume, the PLASMA stencil® impressively increases the stencil service life. Not only are the effects of downtimes of the manufacturing line reduced, but also a more consistent printing performance over the entire service life of the stencil can be proven. The number of possible prints between underside cleanings is significantly higher.

This results in a more consistent print performance as the stencil needs to "start flowing" over the next 1 - 3 prints after every completed underside cleaning. The PLASMA stencil reduces the number of „restarts“ to a minimum. In addition, the line output can be improved as less production time is spent on cleaning. You save time and cleaning material while at the same time enhancing the quality of your prints.

PLASMA Stencils

Technical Data

Thickness approx. 400 nm – 600 nm

Application full surface

Smallest opening same as the stencil thickness

Characteristics • reduces the wettability of the surface

• better release characteristic

• less residues in the opening

• easier to clean

• reduced bridging

• less cleaning work

Contact angle with  >100°


Hardness 200 … 300 HV

Print Quality
Example for the print quality of a 150 μm thick PLASMA Stencil and in comparison the print quality of the same opening sizes without coating. Each photo shows the tenth print. Printing was carried out with type 3 solder paste. The photos were taken at different magnifications. Results are printed with optimised process parameter on an fully meta-lized PCB.

10th print (without cleaning)

normal stencil

CK PLASMA Stencil®


Land- and opening width: 150 μm

Thickness ratio: 1,00

Area ratio: 0,48

Depot - normal stencil
Depot - CK PLASMA Stencil®

BGA-Pads (round)

Diameter: 250 μm

Thickness ratio: 1,67

Area ratio: 0,42

BGA-Pads (round) - normal stencil
Volume fluctuation up to 95 %
BGA-Pads (round) - CK PLASMA Stencil®
Volume fluctuation up to 20 %

Surface scan

(round pads)

Surface scan - normal stencil
Surface scan - CK PLASMA Stencil®

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